Welcome to Drops on Daisies.

We are Unai & Eva, two creative souls who have been found in the middle of a dream and decided to undertake a new adventure together: to tell stories from the sparks of light that illuminates our path. A smile, a hug, a look… We don’t like to be mere passive observers, but to be touched by the feelings that cuddled us at any time in every place.

Our photography is like this: spontaneous, transparent. We like to spoil the detail in our images, to freeze the emotions in a portrait, to preserve the memory of all these moments that we believe are the most important ones. Special moments that are part of your story, a story with heart.

Nagore & Aritz


Laura & Jon

Basque Country

Nuria & Alan


Agathe & Nono


Alasne & Carlos

San Sebastian

Ana & Ralf


Scientists say we are made of atoms
but a little bird told me we are made of stories

Eduardo Galeano